2017 SUMMER Internships: Seeking Interns and Research Assistants: DCGN/Shapira Design Archive Project

May 1, 2017
Nathan Shapira

Summer Internship: "Work for Units?"

Student Interns & Research Assistants
DAI/DES 576: Practical/Directed Experience: Internships
Design Center for Global Needs (DCGN) Seeking Interns and Research Assistants

(See ATTACHED .PDF Flyer and Promotional Video Link: https://vimeo.com/136050538 )

Project Description
The designated Research Assistant will be working Prof. Ricardo Gomes to pursue the documentation, organization and development of the archive; collaborative design research projects; funding proposals; and promotional development strategies.

Qualifications: The role and responsibilities of the Research Assistant Internship will require the student to be capable of working independently; reliable, engaging and have organizational skills. Basic foundation competency in CS graphic software applications is a Plus+ in addition to organizational, promotion/marketing and design research capabilities

Preferred Internship/Research Assistant Hours: (Minimum 60 hours for 5 week, or 8 week session)
Hours may be arranged Mon-Fri 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM. (approx. 12 hours per week, 3-4 hour minimum days - flexible)

Interested students contact: Prof. Ricardo Gomes ricgomes@sfsu.edu 415-338-2229

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