Callum Leneman will represent the School of Design as a College of Liberal and Creative Arts Undergraduate Hood award recipient

April 3, 2017

Callum Leneman’s Senior project titled Materialized centers on Urban residents who suffer from post-concussion syndrome who are regularly subject to an auditory environment in public spaces, which can compromise their vision and physical strength. Callum delved deeply into his problem though design research processes which included literature review, surveys, expert interviews, user interview, behavioral mapping, and auditory cataloging. Research analysis and insight generation lead Callum’ to focus his solution on providing a auditory saliency mapping system to identify cognitively demanding stimuli, and transpose the inherent information to a more passive and easily digestible interface. The resulting invention grew from cross domain influences rooted in elemental language forms, biomimicrary systems in Blow Fish and Sosa Podia, and human tough stimuli. His resulting work Materialized is a cloak garment which creates a personal space and an inconspicuous barrier between the user and their environment. The cloak results are due to it’s combination of ATTUNE 62 close physical contact, and open covered space. In order to simulate the translation of auditory stimuli, potentiometers were used in place of microphones This allowed for individual control of the three auditory inputs: speech, tonal, and a-tonal sounds. These analog inputs were then translated with the Arduino board into three distinct haptic feedbacks; rumbling on the chest, cinching around the waist, and opening and closing of the collar.

The work is a culmination of deep research, discovery generated from research analysis, and invention born out of cross domain influences. It is a product master work resulting in enhancements for peoples suffering from post-concussion syndrome.

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