Typography and Culture Lecture at DAI

Event Date: Monday, October 13 - 12:00 pm
Location: Fine Arts Building, 115
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+++ Typography & Culture +++

Department of Design and Industry Presents,

Emily Luce & Klewetua Rodney Sayers
"Nuu Caa Nul in the 21st Century"

The nuu čaa n̓uł language is a First Nations language spoken by approximately 700 speakers on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Evolved out of an oral history, it has only been written down for around one hundred years. Over the past ten years, Rod Sayers (a nuu čaa n̓uł speaker from the Hupač̓asatḥ First Nation) and Emily Luce (designer) have worked together on nuu čaa n̓uł language revitalization and its recorded forms. The talk will discuss cultural and technological influences on this minority language, and the implications for larger conversations in the discipline of design.