Martin Vanesky, "What I know about Photography"

Event Date: Wednesday, March 21 - 10:00 am to Saturday, April 21 - 5:00 am

From the curator Jon Sueda (Chair of CCA M.F.A. Design Program)

Martin Venezky: "What I know about Photography", marks the first comprehensive survey of photographic work by Martin Venezky. An exhibition featuring a celebrated graphic designer might typically offer instant accessibility and familiarity to iconic works, however, in this case, Venezky will be showing a less known aspect of his creative practice. A body of photographic work has existed literally in the “background,” hovering behind or aside his ornate and dynamic typographic compositions that are his signature. Venezky recently dedicated his sabbatical year to recontextualize his work and reinvent himself in this connected discipline. The exhibition will include over 100 images made between 1991 to the present, including snapshots, found photography, collage, and his most recent body of photo constructions titled “The New Machinery.”

Partners who have been integral to the success of the project are Andy Mattern, Emily McVarish, Eing Opastpongkarn, Mike Scaringe, Joshua Singer, Mike Slane, Rudy Vanderlans, and Lindsey Westbrook.