M.A. Design: Creative Work Project Schedule

Project Schedule
Semester Submitting Creative Work Project Proposal (Semester before registering in DES 894) Schedule
Write Creative Work Project (CWP) Proposal Prior to Semester Start (summer)
Select and Confirm Culminating Experience Faculty Committee Semester Week Three
Review and Approval of CWP Proposal by CWP Committee Chair and members Semester Week Three/Four
Submit approved CWP Proposal to DES Office with ATC Semester Week Nine

NOTE: Proposal is evaluated/graded using the Rubric for Graduate Writing

Semester Registered in Creative Work Project, DES 894 Schedule
Register for Creative Work Project Semester Week One/Two
Meet with Committee (Three Times During the Semester) Semester Week Two/Three
Second Meeting with Committee (Mid-Semester Review)* Semester Week Seven/Eight
Third Meeting with Committee**
(Written Document submitted and Final Evaluation)
Semester Week Thirteen/Fourteen
Presentation and Committee Sign-Off on the finalized Creative Work Project*** Semester Week Fourteen and Fifteen
Semester( s) Continuing on Creative Work Project, DES 894 Schedule
You do not need to register for the culminating experience if you have taken the class once and are continuing to work on the project. Meet with each member of your committee at least once during each semester of your continued progress on the Creative Work Project. Follow directions for Mid Semester Review and Presentation of final CWP listed above.

Most students will complete the Creative Work in the semester that they are registered. Occasionally, students will take an extra semester to complete (continue on) their creative work project. This may be the case when students have not been able to pass their CWP successfully and/or were unable to complete the required deliverables in a timely fashion.

Continuing Students will still be required to submit the written documentation and to present their final project once the project is fully completed.


* Mid-Semester Review is an open and public forum - presented to your CWP Committee and invited guest(s).
** If completing Creative Work Project acquire committee sign-off on approval documentation.
*** Final CWP Written Document is submitted to CWP Committee (Week 10 or 11) and CWP Final Thesis is presented to your CWP Committee and invited guest(s) the Friday of Week 14 or 15. All members of your CWP committee are expected to be in attendance.