The Arts Ed Alliance Curriculum Slam will showcase the way educators bring creativity, critical thinking, and innovation to their classrooms

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Assistant Professor Saskia van Kampen will be presenting on Kinesthetic learning through material exploration at AEABA (Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area)' 2020 Curriculum Slam. Finding a unique visual voice as a graphic designer needs encouragement especially when the go-to material is the computer. To help students understand the rhetorical value of materials and how materials can support their graphic design work I have developed an open-ended, problem-finding assignment that has students using the egg as their muse. The egg is a global source of protein, it is a single cell, it is rich in metaphoric and symbolic meaning and is a wonderfully versatile object in that is is and can be both liquid and solid. Students engage in both theoretical and empirical research using the egg in order to locate a problem they wish to create a piece around. This project not only has students exploring a subject on multiple levels, but also engages students in meta cognition through reflective writing prompts and in investigating ways of creation beyond the digital.    

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