Assistant Professor Sosa-Tzec To Discuss The Role of Animation in Microinteractions

Friday, June 11, 2021
The image shows fragments of the letters that form the word mode arranged in an artistic way. It also displays 21 Motion Design Education Summit

Friday June 11 at 7PM PST, Assistant Professor Omar Sosa-Tzec will discuss animation's roles in making a microinteraction delightful. Sosa-Tzec and Prof. Prof. Erik Stolterman Bergqvist (Indiana University) collaborated in this study about microinteractions. They draw on customer experience resarch and semiotics to analyze 500 design examples posted on As a result of this study, Sosa-Tzec and Stolterman identified that (1) adding an animated component to a widget’s basic structure, (2) conveying materiality changes, (3) conceptually transforming the place of a microinteraction into a stage, window, or peephole, (4) instantiating biomorphism and anthropomorphism, and (5) transmitting vitality as some UI animation strategies that a designer could apply to make a microinteraction appear delightful.

Assistant Professor Sosa-Tzec will present in the session Motion and UX: Theory and Methods. The link to the session is, where one can find more information about the presentations, a copy of the paper, and a link to register to the conference #modesummit