Assistant Professor Sosa-Tzec discussed the form and place of delight in UX at the IASDR 2021 Conference

Monday, December 06, 2021
Image showing the text IASDR 2021 Conference

Delight appears a significant concept in UI/UX design. However, there is no consensus on the characteristics of delight, how it differs from other positive emotions-- including pleasure--and its connection with design theory and research. At IASDR 2021, the 9th Congress of the International Association of Societies of Design Research, Assistant Professor Omar Sosa-Tzec presented the paper "Delight in the User Experience: Form and Place," where he explores the notion of delight as developed in non-design disciplines in order to identify characteristics that apply to UI/UX design.

In his presentation, Dr. Sosa-Tzec discussed how delight manifests in a user experience as wow! moments and yay! momentswhich derive from a combination of joy and surprise and joy and captivation, respectively. Moreover, Prof. Sosa-Tzec posited two perspectives of delight regarding interactive products (the designer and user perspectives). According to Prof. Sosa-Tzec, delight in UX is concerned with appearance, functionality, and fitness. Prof. Sosa-Tzec encourages UI/UX designers to take the concept seriously as delight impacts the perception about why the product is worth continuous use.