Audrey Wildemann’s Poster Placed in Hamburg Exhibition

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Anfachen Award in Germany is given to poster designs that stir up, inspire, stimulate, and dig up – all in relation to the immanent questions of our times.


The topic of Anfachen Award 3 is “Housing and Living”.


In Fall 2018, SFSU lecturer Jean-Benoit Levy was invited by Anfachen Award to participate in a call for poster and decided to engage his students on that project for their last in-class exercise.

Each participants was free to choose any personal, political, aesthetic or formal point of view in their approach to the assigned topic of “Housing and Living”. Any style such as photographic, paint-based, graphic and typographic works were accepted.


One of the rules was that the class could only send 3 posters.
At their final presentation, each student voted. With the final voices of Chair Mari Hulick as well as program coordinator Joshua Singer, and the course instructor Jean-Benoit Levy, a pre-selection was made and 3 posters were chosen to be submitted for the competition.

The best 25 posters have been selected by an international jury and then displayed on billboards in Hamburg. They confront the public on busy streets and highly frequented public places to become the subject of discussion and reflection, encouraging a broad and long-lasting debate on the subject of “Housing and Living”.

Our visiting student Audrey Wildemann’s proposal was selected. Audrey is a Product and Interior Design student from NABA ( Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti ) in Milan, Italy. She is currently in her second year.


Between April – May 2019, the selected posters will be visible in the Hamburg urban landscape for four weeks, after which they will go on tour. They will be displayed in and make an impact on other German and international cities.

Hamburg Poster Installation

Audrey Wildemann’s poster installed in the exhibition in Hamburg.