Industrial Design Outreach (IDo) Internship Available for Academic Credit Through DES 576–Open to Both Industrial Design and Visual Communication Design Majors

Tuesday, December 01, 2020
IDO Internship to mentor high school students in marginalized communities

Intern for Industrial Design Outreach (IDO) to help provide design mentorship to high school students in marginalized communities. Sign up for DES 576 Practical Experience: Internship to receive academic credit for the internship. 


Open to both Industrial Design and Visual Communication majors. 

Industrial Design Outreach, Inc. (IDO) provides design education that fosters creativity in high school students. For every project, students are provided with mentorship to help them creatively solve problems and prototype in three dimensions. They learn practical and creative skills and are encouraged to seek out historical and cultural influences to ensure their solutions lead to innovative outcomes that reflect their world.
Participating SF State interns act as mentors, delivering the IDO curriculum to high school students in marginalized communities. Interns gain university credit, enhance their creative competencies and communication skills, develop teaching skills within a real-world educational setting, and interact with world class design professionals who are also volunteering as mentors.
The IDO internship is a one semester service-learning volunteer program. Interns provide 150 hours of service and receive 3 units of university credit through DES 576 Practical Experience: Internship. DES 576 must be taken concurrently during the semester of IDO mentorship.
Interns will receive an orientation from IDO including training in the curriculum and technology employed in delivering the program. The Spring 2021 IDO curriculum will be conducted online. Intern mentors for SP21 will work directly with high school students tentatively scheduled for Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:30 to 1:40 PM.
Primary Contact: Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design Ellen Christensen
Mentorship Opportunity on the SFSU Institute for Civic and Community Engagement database: