Prof Robb Godshaw Has Launched The Degenderator Through a Successful Kickstarter Campaign!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Inclusive Restroom gif

Adjunct Prof Robb Godshaw (DES 460 Rapid Prototyping) has launched The Degenderator, a zero-profit crowdfunding campaign to distribute as many ADA-compliant all-gender bathrooms signs as possible, using a cute animated figure to bring attention to the issue and the campaign. 

Everyone benefits from well-designed, inclusive bathroom facilities, and a lot of places, including California, now require all-gender signage on any single user bathroom and multi-user all-gender spaces are becoming more common also. 



The cutest bathroom buddy ever to grace your eyeballs.

  • Runs 24+ months on included AA batteries hidden in legs!
  • Made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, Like Lego® bricks. Strong!
  • 20cm(8”) tall, but less than 2.5cm(1”)in thick. Stays close to the wall!
  • Automatically resumes motion after interference from curious fingers
  • Can be mounted with included high-strength mounting tape or with screws through detachable plate. Convenient!
  • Also stands on feet for use as a desktop toy!

For complete information about the issue and the campaign, check out his Kickstarter page. You can support the project and get your own figure by December 13. Robb has raised the money he needs to start the project, your support can make it even bigger!