Prof. Singer in the new book Undesign

Thursday, February 21, 2019
Design Figure

Associate Professor Joshua Singer's paper “Hacking the Semiosphere: The Ad Hoc Atlas: A Manifesto as Manifestation of Undesign, V5.3: An exercise in reflexive (and recursive) design practice about design by design” was published in the book “UnDesign: Critical practices at the intersection of Art and Design” from Routledge edited by Dr Gavin Sade, Dr Gretchen Coombes and Andrew McNamara from the Urban Modernities Research Group, Queensland University of Technology. The book UnDesign “… brings together leading artists, designers and theorists working at the intersection of art and design. The text focuses on design practices, and conceptual approaches, which challenge the traditional notion that design should emphasise its utility over aesthetic or other non-functional considerations. This publication brings to light emerging practices that consider the social, political and aesthetic potential of "undesigning" our complex designed world. In documenting these new developments, the book highlights the overlaps with science, engineering, biotechnology and hacktivism, which operate at the intersection of art and design.”