Professor Chu receives LCA Faculty Excellence in Teaching (T/TT) Award

Friday, August 03, 2018
Hsiao Yun Chu

Associate Professor Hsiao-Yun Chu has received the first LCA Faculty Excellence in Teaching (T/TT) Award.  This is a peer-nominated and peer-reviewed award that recognizes and celebrates the unique and impressive contributions Prof. Chu has made to student success in the School of Design.

Below are highlights of her accomplishments that led to her receiving the award:

  • Design and delivery of a new GE Arts Course, DES 256 Design and Society, that also serves as a pipeline for students into Design majors
  • School of Design GWAR Representative, including curriculum development for the DES 324 GWAR designated course. Curricular innovations within GWAR combining written and creative outputs, using written forms current to the discipline.
  • Consistent, high scores and student satisfaction in both undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Development of the School's only fully online course, DES 370, including entire curriculum and online content development, video modules, exercises. High student satisfaction with this required entry level course.
  • Completion of two levels of QOTL (Quality Online Teaching and Learning) training with Academic Technology.
  • Proposed the DES 305 required safety course, which is now a requirement for all Product Design students. This course ensures more consistent preparation so that students can work safely in laboratory spaces. Helped develop mandatory safety test.
  • Mentorship of other faculty through participation in the GWAR Mentorship Program.