Professor van Kampen talks about teaching resilience as part of RGDs design education webinar series

Wednesday, June 10, 2020
RGD Educators Webinar Series

The Design Educator is a series of Webinars being organized by RGD (Registered Graphic Designers) in Ontario Canada. They promote discourse about current and future topics in design education. Professor Saskia van Kampen from SFSU School of Design will be a panelist for the 2nd webinar that focuses on how to teach resilience to young designers.


This discussion will look at how to prepare students for the professional world which asks for adaptability in new hires. This requires that we not only teach design skills but also skills in resourcefulness and self-sufficiency. Highlighting this need was the unprecedented pandemic of this spring—when faculty and students had to pivot from fact-to-face classes to remote learning within days. Students had to “make-do” with what they had at home to complete assignments and projects with very limited access to any resources.


Thursday, June 25th at 12pm EST