Shaun Wagner Awarded First Martin Linder Scholarship!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Shaun Wagner


We are pleased to announce that Shaun Wagner (BSID_PDD, S 21) has been awarded the first Martin Linder Scholarship! His interest in Industrial Design lies in creating ideas for products which can be developed that engage environmental sustainability; he is dedicated to coming up with new processes and materials that can replace old polluting manufacturing processes, as well as conceptual infrastructure changes that encourage sustainable practices such as bicycling and buying local products.
"One thing I have learned through the product development emphasis in the ID program is that everything in the world is designed. Cities are designed, experiences are designed, processes of manufacturing are designed. It has really opened my eyes to the world of opportunity for the designer of the future"

His senior year at SFSU will include the standard Product Design and Rapid Prototyping classes as well as upper level GE classes in Motor Development and Future Environments. He will pursue internships, hopefully working at an environmentally forward-looking company such as Tesla.

"After graduation, I plan on moving to Detroit Michigan, a bastion of innovation and manufacturing which is experiencing a massive rebirth after decades of poverty. I would like to attend an MFA program at the College for Creative Studies, but more than that I want to participate in the design and implementation of a plan to restore one of the great American cities. The abandoned properties and lack of infrastructure are the perfect environment for new pioneers to work together with the community and government to create the modern, sustainable, and diverse city of the future."

Join the School of Design and the Martin Linder Endowment in celebrating this forward-looking young man. Below are samples of the work he submitted for the scholarship.

The Martin Linder Scholarship supports deserving BSID students in need of financial support in their senior year in the School of Design at San Francisco State University. Students entering their senior year apply with a portfolio and evidence of need.

Shaun Wagner, Shades Rendering

Shaun Wagner,  Radio

Shaun Wagner, Headphones