Spring 2021 Remote Internship/Independent Study

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Student Interns & Research Assistants
DES 699.1 Independent Study, or DES 576: Practical/Directed Experience: Internships

Seeking Interns and Research Assistants for

Shapira Design Archive Project (NSDA)

 (See ATTACHED .PDF Flyer and Promotional Video Link: https://vimeo.com/136050538 )

Project Description

The designated Research Assistant will be working Prof. Ricardo Gomes to pursue the documentation, organization and development of the archive artifacts; collaborative design research projects; inclusive design promotional development creative strategies.

Qualifications: The role and responsibilities of the Research Assistant Internship will require the student to be capable of working independently; reliable, engaging and have organizational skills. Basic foundation competency in CS graphic software applications is a Plus+ in addition to organizational, promotion/marketing and design research capabilities


Spring 2021 Designated Tasks:


1.                  “50th” Anniversary Shapira/University of Nairobi School of Design Promotional Graphic Campaign

2.                  “Health 2049,” sponsored by First Inspire, is a podcast about the future. Assisting in preparation of a Community Digital Health Initiative

3.                  Developing a Promotional Graphic Information Design Campaign “Systemic Racism By Design” and Reframing Inclusive Design for BIPoC Equity & Empowerment

4.                  Development of EPT, Beta Beta Initiation & Awards Ceremony, April 9th, 2021

5.                  Promotional Graphics and Information Design Blog/Website Updates

6.                  “Boris Bucan" Exhibition Proposal & Promotional Graphic Campaign in conjunction with the Design Space Gallery

7.                  Digital Archival Development (Slides; Videos; Books; Studio Hinrichs)

Preferred Internship/Independent Study Research Assistant Hours: (Minimum of 60 hours )

Approx. 8 Asynchronous Hours may be arranged per week synchronous, plus 1 hour synchronous Zoom Consultation) 

Interested students contact: Prof. Ricardo Gomes  ricgomes@sfsu.edu