Spring 2022 Information for The School of Design

Spring Classes Begin Monday, January 24 in Remote Mode

Happy New Year and Welcome Back! Spring 2022 classes begin Monday, January 24, 2022. We will begin most of our classes in Remote (online) Mode. Check the iLearn sites for your classes to get Zoom Links, course information and current details. We are planning on returning to scheduled in-person classes on Monday, February 14. The School of Design has run a few in-person classes throughout the pandemic and we may be able to continue to do so this semester. Check here and check your class iLearn site.

We Are Planning on Returning to Scheduled In-Person Classes on Monday, February 14

We are currently planning on returning to campus Monday, February 14. If you are in a scheduled in-person class, we are planning on holding these as per the schedule. We are offering a combination of fully in-person, hybrid and fully online courses. Again, check your iLearn site for information about your scheduled classes.

The School of Design Office is Available in Remote Mode From January 3 – February 11, 2022

The School of Design Office is open and available via email design@sfsu.edu and phone 415-338-1122. We will be operating in remote mode (via email and phone) from January 3–January 21. We will have a department open Zoom available beginning January 24. We hope to be back in our office in 121 Fine Arts Building by Tuesday, January 18. Check back here for more updates about the campus return for Spring 2022. For all campus details, please check with the Campus Comeback site for vaccine updates and safety measures throughout the physical campus.

Modified Return in Spring 22

San Francisco State has an excellent safety record when it comes to COVID 19. We have successfully completed the Fall 21 semester with no spread on campus. Individuals have tested positive, but due to our high vaccination rate (over 98%), adherence to masking requirements, hand sanitizing, as well as other safety measures, we have had no spread on our campus.

We will continue a modified return for Spring 22; a little over 50% of our offered course sections will have some or all sessions on campus. We are offering some studio classes fully in-person, many studio classes as Hybrid (1 session per week in person and the other session online), a handful as modified Hybrid (between 3 and 7 sessions in person with the remaining sessions offered online). The remainder of our schedule is online, in a combination of Synchronous, Asynchronous and Online Hybrid offerings. Please see the Spring 22 schedule for each class section's details. If a student has an in-person class scheduled with an online offering scheduled right after, we are establishing spaces in the department that students can use to access online classes with their laptops and headphones.

Building Access in Winter 22

Most campus buildings will remained closed through January 14th. As the campus opens up, faculty and students can see which areas are open, and when by visiting https://news.sfsu.edu/campus-plan/buildings-available-spaces

The School of Design Office

Our Office Staff will continue their work remotely for now. If you need to contact us, please write design@sfsu.edu. If you have hard-copy forms or petitions that need to be submitted, please send the petition (along with supporting documentation) to design@sfsu.edu. Include the name of your advisor and we will route your paperwork through the school and then to university offices.

Please send all inquiries to the School via email until we send further notice.

The School of Design Shops

The shops are not open to students at this time. We will keep you updated through email and this site as to any access to the shops (if at all) while remote instruction takes place.

Quick Links and Resources for Students:

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Hope Crisis Fund

Resources on Remote Instruction for Faculty:

We have resources for faculty and this library is growing every day. Please refer to our page in the For Faculty section of this website.

The University COVID-19 Information Site

Stay up-to-date with the University's COVID-19 Information Site. There you will find the latest information from the University, advice on how to stay safe, links to remote instruction guides and more.

General COVID Information:

The Centers for Disease Control

The World Health Organization

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