Undergraduate Programs

The School of Design at San Francisco State University is committed to offering a contemporary design education in a liberal arts context. Our curricula fosters development of skills in tandom with design thinking. Based in San Francisco, students are able to delve deeply into their fields while exploring one of the world's most dynamic environments for their professional development.

Design Student in Critique SFSU

Design is no longer an Impacted Program

The School of Design has lifted impaction.

Design Offers 2 Undergraduate Degrees and a Minor

The School of Design offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial Design (Product Design and Development), and Visual Communication Design (formerly known as "Graphic Design"). We also offer a Minor in Design where students choose a pathway, ID or Vis Com.

Career Pathways for Industrial Design

  • Industrial Design
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Furniture Design
  • User Experience (3D)

Career Pathways for Visual Communication Design

  • Branding and Agency Graphics
  • Interactive Design
  • Print Design
  • Data Visualization
  • User Experience (2D and Screen)

Declaring a Design Major

Students who have completed (or are close to) 60 semester units of coursework are able to start Design Major coursework  in the fall of their Junior year.  Contact The School of Design with any questions.

Laptop Requirement

Students are required to purchase a laptop with required software when they begin the major. Students accepted into the Design program will receive hardware and software recommendations for their particular course of study. Please follow the specifications for each major: Visual Communication Design (BSVCD) or Industrial Design (BSID_PDD). Educational discounts on both hardware and software are available through the SF State Bookstore, and through various online vendors. If you qualify for federal financial aid and have not already been awarded the annual maximum in federal student loans, you may request an increase in the federal student loan to assist you with the purchase of the laptop. Note: All Design Majors and Minors are eligible for free Adobe Creative Cloud licenses. See details below.

Fall 2021 BSVCD Laptop Requirement for Vis Com Students

Fall 2021 BSID_PDD Laptop Requirement for ID Students

Fall 2020 Laptop Requirement