About Us

Welcome to the School of Design at San Francisco State University! The School of Design serves a diverse body of students in the areas of Product Design and Visual Communication Design at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our curriculum emphasize design process as a means of problem solving, and our classes help students to build the technical, conceptual, critical and collaborative skills required in design professions.

School of Design Core Learning Outcomes


Students are able to apply a structured design process to a variety of problems of different scope and complexity. 

Contextual design

Students understand how design is shaped by its contexts: community, social issues, culture, accessibility, environment, technology, etc.

Design Literacy

Students have an understanding of visual literacy, design history, design professions, and adjacent topics.

Critical Thinking, Research and Writing

Students are able to apply critical thinking, research and writing to the design problem at various stages.


Students have experience with and skills in the tools and technologies relevant to the design professions.

Creative Problem Solving

Students can flexibly apply a variety of creative strategies to develop innovative solutions to design problems.

Professional Preparedness

Students are familiar with the professional practices common to design: presentation, documentation, project management, etc.


Collaborative learning approaches are encouraged, both within and beyond the classroom. This may include collaborations with external partners such as community organizations and/or industry partners.

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The School of Design Winter and Spring 2022

The entire SF State campus is planning for a modified return to campus in Spring 2022. The School of Design is offering a little over 50% of our classes with some in-person meeting times on campus. See the Spring 22 schedule for individual class meeting times and arrangements.

If you come to campus, we are following all University regulations for COVID safety.

  • You must wear a mask inside
  • No eating or drinking in class. You must step outside to do so
  • All students and faculty must upload vaccine information to the University. If students do not, they will be dropped from in-person classes. Start here to upload this information.
  • Social distancing will be in effect in all classes
  • Please check SF State's Together website frequently for updates as we move forward.

If you need assistance, please contact design@sfsu.edu.

Our shops are open for classes beginning Monday, January 24. If you have an ID class on campus, it will meet in the shop area.

Students who have classes in person that are scheduled close to an online class are welcome to use some of our rooms to access these online classes, so long as an in-person class is not scheduled. Look for signs on FA 117, 119, 141 and 151 to see when they are available for students to use.