Assistant Professor Sosa-Tzec To Discuss The Role of Animation in Micro interactions

Author: School of Design
June 11, 2021
 The Role of Animation in Micro interactions
Photo Credit: School of Design

Assistant Professor Omar Sosa-Tzec will discuss animation's roles in making a micro-interaction delightful. Sosa-Tzec and Prof. Erik Stolterman Bergqvist (Indiana University) collaborated in this study about micro-interactions. They draw on customer experience research and semiotics to analyze 500 design examples posted on As a result of this study, Sosa-Tzec and Stolterman identified that (1) adding an animated component to a widget’s basic structure, (2) conveying materiality changes, (3) conceptually transforming the place of a micro-interaction into a stage, window, or peephole, (4) instantiating biomorphism and anthropomorphism, and (5) transmitting vitality as some UI animation strategies that a designer could apply to make a micro-interaction appear delightful.

Assistant Professor Sosa-Tzec will present in the session Motion and UX: Theory and Methods. The link to the session is, where one can find more information about the presentations, a copy of the paper, and a link to register to the conference #modesummit