Connect Lecture Series Fall 2020: Sean Stewart

Wednesday, November 04, 2020
Event Time 03:00 p.m. - 04:00 p.m. PT
Location Zoom
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Join our third virtual Connect lecture of the Fall 2020 Semester!

Sean Stewart 

Conceptual artist and Canadian 'pataphysicist' Sean R Stewart

Director of The Dopamine Collective™ (2011–present)

The Dopamine Collective is a ‘group’ of scientific minds with a common strong desire to shed their lab-coats and embrace the philosophy of the art world. Each uses their trained scientific field to create their unique body of work.

Co-founder of Kopec Chun Gallery (2011–2015)

Kopec Chun Gallery maintains a focus on artists exploring a variety of concepts and expressions utilizing non-traditional contemporary practices. The focus of their presentation at art Toronto is on the representation of scientific concepts and phenomena through an artistic lens.

Title: Plausibility—Cultivating the experience of submission

Conceptual artist and Canadian 'pataphysicist' Sean R. Stewart explores the human desire to have conclusive stories and the need to project upon others.

A new capacity to be represented; contemporary human beings choose not to investigate:

A person that honestly believes an inaccurate statement cannot be lying because self-deception prevents this. One question at the root of these ambiguous definitions is who decides when something is accepted as true. Perhaps an even more important question is what happens when a truth and fiction intermingle in reality?

“What we learn is that unless we come to know the actual contents, we are bound within the enclosure. This enclosure now becomes the de facto artwork.”

Through this web of pseudo-truths, we must navigate ourselves to an understanding of what we believe to be true. The traditional definitions of truth and fiction have since departed and both have now become a single conceptual premise, homogenized to perpetuity.  “I now sit at the edge of the realized and the imagined, careful not to step too far in either direction”


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