Executive Director of Mobility at IDEO Chicago discusses the future of transportation with design students

Author: School of Design
November 11, 2021
Steve Schwall
Photo Credit: School of Design

On Thursday, November 11, Designer and Engineer Steve Schwall will join a group of students at the School of Design for an online conversation about the challenges and opportunities for the future of transportation and mobility. The session will address issues of automation, safety, sustainability, accessibility, new services, and better user experiences.

Steve will be joining all the way from IDEO Chicago to share examples of his own work, drawing from his 15 years of experience as a designer, maker, and strategist, to engage with students in a conversation about their group projects for the Product Design II class (DES 410).

About Steve Schwall

Steve Schwall is a Partner and Executive Director of Mobility at IDEO, where he works with creative leaders and executives to design new offerings, drive business growth, and transform their culture in a rapidly changing mobility environment. After more than 15 years of working with clients like Ford, John Deere, Arity, and Samsung, Steve believes that successful change doesn’t come from a “big idea,” but rather teams looking at problems from new perspectives, challenging deeply held assumptions, and working together in new ways. An engineer and designer at heart, Steve is passionate about the power of design to address the critical mobility-related challenges that people, businesses, and communities are facing — pollution, congestion, and inequity to name a few.