Assist. Prof. Sosa-Tzec talks about Delightful UI/UX at Mexican University

Author: School of Design
January 11, 2024
Professor Omar Sosa-Tzec giving a talk to students of FMAT UADY

Students majoring in Software Engineering and taking the course of Human-Computer Interaction at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán received a talk by Assistant Professor Omar Sosa-Tzec. In this talk, Dr. Sosa-Tzec introduced the domain of Humanistic HCI and discussed the different fields he has drawn upon to develop a humanistic framework to analyze and ideate delightful user interfaces and experiences. 

Professor Sosa-Tzec discussed existing mobile interfaces and how students can analyze them using semiotics, rhetoric, and aesthetics. He also introduced Design Delight, a framework he has developed as a result of his research and taught to design students at SFSU. Sosa-Tzec encouraged students to analyze and conceptualize better interactive systems by engendering this framework's qualities in their products, namely, engagement, surprise, liveliness, cuteness, serendipity, and reassurance. 

Humanistic fields used to develop Design Delight
Omar Sosa-Tzec's framework for delightful user experience and interfaces