New Major Elective for Both Design Majors: DES 677 Delightful Design

Author: School of Design
May 1, 2023
Image of a little girl showing surprise from the content of a box. The content is not visible but it seems to be a Christmas gift.
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

This Fall 2023, Prof. Sosa-Tzec is teaching DES 677 Delightful Design, a major elective for Visual Communication Design and Industrial Design. This course offers an exciting opportunity to acquire and hone design skills and develop portfolio material! 

Course Objective and Structure

This course will work as a studio where students will select a medium and a design domain to explore how to design for engagement, surprise, liveliness, cuteness, serendipity, and reassurance. Visual Communication Design students could work on print, UI/UX, motion, or experiential design projects. Industrial Design students could work on toy, packaging, appliance, and smart device design. The objective of all the projects in this class is to create designs (mockups, prototypes) aimed at helping people live happy and flourishing lives. 

Lectures, critiques, and creative activities will support the development of the design projects. The class will meet in person on Wednesdays. Mondays are online sessions. Both sessions will go from 1 PM to 3:45 PM.


The prerequisites for this course are early 300-level courses. Visual communication designers can take this course as an opportunity to hone skills learned in DES 322, DES 325, and DES 327 and explore a medium and design domain of their interest. Similarly, industrial designers who have taken DES 360––and perhaps, DES 410 and DES 420––can have an opportunity to explore a product design domain of their interest in this course.

However, students can receive permission from the instructor to take this class. Students who are passionate and willing to engage in delightful design and produce portfolio material, send an email to describing your interests in this elective, the skills you have and seek to develop further, and a sample of your work (if necessary).

A flyer with the basic information about this course.