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Color Scheme Tools

Content Collector Tool

Content Placer Tool

Eraser Tools

Gap Tool


Gradient Feather Tools

How to Wrap Text Around an Image or Object

Liquid Layout Function

Note Tool

Smooth Tool

The Difference Between Character and Paragraph Styles

InDesign for Beginners


Blended Tools

Creating Graphs in Adobe Illustrator

Curvature Tool in Illustrator CC 2018

Design with the Curvature Pen Tool Illustrator Tutorial

Freeform Gradient

Gradient Mesh Tool

How to Duplicate Objects Around a Circle

How to Use the Spiral Tool

How to Use the Symbol Tool

Pen Tool Beginner's Guide

Lens Flare Tool

Perspective Grid Tool

Rectangular Grid Tool

Drawing with Brushes

Learn How to Create Art Brushes in Adobe Illustrator

Quickly Inking and Coloring Comics


Background Eraser Tool

How to use the Smudge Tool

How to use the Sponge Tool

Remove Anything in Photoshop with the Clone Stamp Tool

Remove Objects with the Patch Tool

The Perspective Crop Tool

The VERY Boring Count Tool

Using All Laso Tools

Using the History Brush and Snapshots

Who Uses the "Notes" Tool

Difference Between Levels and Curves

Dodge and Burn Explained

How To Use “Blend If”

Master Curves

Master Hue/Saturation

The Science of All 27 Blend Modes

Cut Out Hair from Extremely Busy Background

Cut Out Hair using Channels

Cut Out Hair Using Color Range

SELECT and MASK Crash Course

After Effects

3d motion tracking

After Effects Precompose | Tutorial for Beginners & How to use it

Make your animation BETTER guaranteed (After Effects CC) - T039

Additional Video Tutorials