Designing for Health and Hygene

Author: School of Design
October 26, 2023
KABA toothbrush holder, project sketches by Scott Drapeau
Photo Credit: Scott Drapeau

This past Thursday, October 26th, students in Prof Carvalho’s DES.410: Product Design 2 class learned more about the prolific and thorough design practice of SFSU Design Master’s program alum, Scott Drapeau. Scott’s works on health and hygiene inspired the students who, this Fall semester, are working on two health-related projects: Homecare Devices (completed), and Health and Climate Crisis (ongoing).

Drapeau’s ample skillset and rigorous attention to a complete design process – from problem-setting and research, to fabrication, usage and recycling – facilitated an engaged conversation about methods, techniques, market expectations, and future career plans after graduation.

Scott Drapeau

Scott Drapeau

Scott Drapeau is the Design Lead at the UCSF Makers Lab. He co-designs with doctors and residents on health-science related products used in labs and for medical procedure training. Scott has co-authored several medical journal manuscripts, and co-teaches an advanced elective course in 3D printing at UCSF through the School of Anatomy, and the School of Dentistry.

Scott was awarded 1st place at the 5th annual innovation pitch competition at the Lam Family College of Business for his work, as well as receiving the Graduate Student Honors Award for Distinguished Achievement for his time as a design student at San Francisco State University.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in multimedia production from Hampshire College and received his master’s in design from SFSU. His goal is to apply what he learned at school and from his time abroad in Japan to solve problems around water use and user experience in the bathroom.